Postal & Courier Services

Personal mail and parcels – everything you need to know

Forward mail, send purchases to the post office or get help with your community mailbox. You can trust UniStorage-UUM for safe, reliable shipping and delivery to your home, the post office and worldwide.

Receiving Services

Window Collections Services, Community Mailboxes Services, Mail Forwarding Services, Hold Mail Services and Agent Drop Points. Manage Incoming Mail. 

Sending Services

Post Letters, Mail & Express, Post Small-Packet, Merchandise & Parcels, Vehicle Shipment, Cargo Shipment.

Mailroom Processing

Inbound Processing Services, Outbound Processing Services, Inventory Services, Delivery Services.

Storage Services

Personal Storage Services, Student Storage Services, Business Storage Services, Mini-Warehouse Services

Value Added Services

Advertising Mail Services, Pre-Paid Packaging Services, Disabled Mail Services

Customs Clearance Affair

Clearance Broken Custom Services