Window Collections

UPC is your mailing address while on campus. 

Window Collections Services at UUM Parcel Center (UPC) provide a secure alternative to having mail delivered to your doom, hostel, residents, home or business. International students and family or student businesses can now establish their own dedicated university address through the UniStorage UUM Services. This is not a PO Box address! It's a delivery service through legally appointed representatives on campus to receive student mail and items as well as campus citizens. To use this service the client needs to register first: Register.

* After registering, you can use the UPC address as your address on campus. Please use address according to the standard format below: -

Receive Notification

First Pre-Alert Notification will be email to the recipient by the registered name, after we process (compile & record) the items from the postal or courier provider.

Non Register


Non-Register - Customers who do not register as UniStorage UUM web site ;

Disabled  : FOC

Pre-Alert 1 - Receiver will be received Email Notification Alert, if item arrived at UPC

Pre-Alert 2 -  2nd Notification will be sent to receiver, if receiver does not claim item for 7 working days;

Pre-Alert 3 -  3rd Notification will be sent to receiver, if receiver does not claim item for 14 working days;

Deads' Letter Offices (DLO) - This office processes failed / Unclaimed Items and other reasons for Return-to-Sender's failure. If the sender refuses to accept or fails to pay the reimbursement cost, this item is considered as a Dead Letter Office (DLO). However, in the process of 31 days, the sender or recipient of the item may reclaim the item by submitting a request via Contact us.

For registered customers, you may use the 'Cash-on-Delivery' (COD) submission service for any submission to the UPC with the following conditions: -

1)    Customers will need to provide adequate items (COD) payment to UPC counter a day before submission to UPC;

2)    Additional charge charges are charged at RM 2.00 per item received;

Notification Alert will be notified to the customer if the item is successfully received by Mailroom Team, and the customer can pick it up at UPC counter;


What makes a UPC Mailroom special?

We can receive ANY kind of package 
FedEx, DHL, Pos Malaysia Mail, courier deliveries, dry cleaning, motorcycle, bike etc. If it can fit through our door we can accept it for you. 

We can forward your mail ANYWHERE 
We can forward your mail at a moment's notice anywhere in the world via any service you like, whether it is a messenger to midtown or a DHL to Hong Kong. All you need to do is pay for the shipping.

You can call in to check your mail 
Rainy, miserable days need no longer vex you. Call us first to see if you have any mail to pick up.

We can send you an email when your package arrives 
This is an amazing FREE service. As soon as your package arrives, our system will automatically email you to let you know what we have for you.

You get a prestigious street address 
UPC, Universiti Utara Malaysia, Sintok, Kedah. Need we say more?

Mailroom service requires a charge fee as low RM 0.20 mail and courier RM 0.50/item for 7 days

Prices vary, so sign up today!

Proof-of-Delivery (POD)

Proof-of-Delivery (POD)

PANDUAN MENGEMASKINI MAKLUMAT SERAHAN Penerima Mel atau bungkusan di UPC disarankan mengemaskin..

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