About Us

Uni Storage was established in 2009 as an Entrepreneurship -Techno Research at the School of Computer Science, Universiti Sains Malaysia, 11800 Penang, known as UniStorage Malaysia and operating at Universiti Sains Malaysia, Master Campus, 11800 Penang, through the University's Entrepreneurship Center (EPIC) .

UniStorage provides Mail and Courier services through receiving, processing, storage, packing and distribution activities or submission of student items and campus citizens while in the university. In addition, UniStorage provides various program of transfer of knowledge through various programs including Training of Entrepreneurship Students, Agro Product E-Commerce, Workshop of Custom Affair such as Basic Course, and others with Government and Non Government Departments Government (NGOs) such as the Malaysian Customs Senior Officers Association (PERKASA), local Communities to assist Customs Customers' Customs, especially import and export trading activities. Increased e-commerce among university graduates is increasing from time to time.

UniStorage has a network of various local and international shipping and logistics companies. Through this network, UniStorage bridges customers with industries through local trading. Various local and international companies are equivalent to nearly 3,000 branches worldwide. There are also Departments and Non-Governmental organizations available to assist these industrial activities to be realized in universities, particularly in several Public Universities. UniStorage customers can fulfill their satisfaction with the services offered.

UniStorage-UUM located at UUM Parcel Center, Universiti Utara Malaysia was inaugurated by Yg Berusaha Prof. Madya Dr. Hendrik Lamsali, Deputy Vice-Chancellor of Student Affairs and Alumni, Universiti Utara Malaysia by offering a variety of services based on mail and courier activities, payment counters, bus tickets, photocopies, scanning and others at UPC and its branches at Universiti Utara Malaysia. 'Learn & Earn' is a concept that is run in the UPC to facilitate informed consent in the local community.

UniStorage Cooperative - The University Mailroom Center

The role of the UniStorage Cooperative

The UniStorage Cooperative is a body of the University Mailroom Center, who work together with service provider to provide Postal & Courier Service – the university mailroom center. The UniStorage Cooperative promotes cooperation between its member posts and courier to provide customers with a high quality, competitive UniStorage worldwide.

The UniStorage Cooperative is structured around two management bodies:

  • the General Assembly, composed of all members of the UniStorage Cooperative, and
  • the UniStorage Unit, the executive arm of the Cooperative, which is based at the International Bureau standard

The UniStorage is an inter-organization for cooperation between university's, Posts and other stakeholders of the worldwide postal and courier sector. It works to maintain the universal network, establish the rules for university mailroom center exchange among its members and improves the quality of service for customers.